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Joan Kilgen’s World of Astrology ***NEW***

World of AstrologyJoan is excited to announce that her astrology course is now online! She developed this course years ago and it’s now available for those who would like to learn astrology.

What Will You Learn?

  • The History & Philosophy of Astrology
  • The Sun Signs
  • Drawing Glyphs
  • The Four Elements
  • The Sign Qualities
  • The House Signs
  • All The Planets
  • And much, much more!
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Karmic Astrology from the Florida Keys

JoanJoan Kilgen’s reputation as a metaphysician and astrological counselor has been established with over 40 years in her field and over 3,000 clients worldwide.

Since the 1970’s, Joan has worked under the name of Vesta Astrological Counseling. She taught astrology for over 30 years in the Vesta School of Astrology and continues to teach through her readings.

Many clients seek out Joan to uncover their own personal potentials, life lessons and reasons for being. Her readings are used by psychotherapists, social workers, parents and truth-seekers as tools to enhance growth and self-awareness. Parents request readings to help them understand the karmic journeys of their children, so they may guide them toward their fullest potentials.

Originally working from Long Island, New York, Joan co-founded the Ajna Metaphysical Education Center in Patchogue, New York. Her book, Karma and Your Sun Sign, is nearing the completion of its second printing.

Joan now lives in the Florida Keys. Since all of her astrological readings are on CDs, she is able to live and work anywhere.

When we are immersed in a problem, we tend to compound it with complexity. Sometimes we need someone else to peel away the emotional layers and help us rediscover the fundamental core of the problem. – Joan Kilgen

About Karmic Astrology

Your soul chose your astrological chart, your roadmap through life. Think of Earth as a gigantic school of learning lessons and growth and your personal chart as your unique curriculum of study.

A karmic reading shows what lessons you have chosen to experience in your lifetime and the strengths you have to help you with obstacles along the way, obstacles which may challenge you. However, it also shows you the places of joy, karmic reward, talents and blessings in your life.

A karmic reading is designed to aid you in understanding yourself physically, mentally, psychologically and spiritually. Getting a reading is as if you are going to school and, every now and then, you visit your guidance counselor to go over your class schedule to get a picture of how you’re doing and how to respond to the next required lessons.