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About Joan’s Readings

About Joan's ReadingsIt’s important to understand that you have free will every step of the way! When you feel confused, helpless or lacking strength, always remember you have free will in how you choose to respond to your challenges.


An astrology reading will highlight your personal, karmic and familial strengths, the lessons you have chosen to work on, as well as the many choices and talents that are always available to you.

Sometimes you simply need someone else to reassure you and awaken you to what your soul already knows.

All of my readings are recorded onto CDs. I do not need to have you in the room with me. Therefore, I will not be influenced by your body language or anything you may say. Your reading will be all about you.


I need your date, time and place of birth and any specific questions or areas of your life you’d like me to address. Some people list a few areas of interest such as health, work or relationships, while others write a book. It’s up to you.

I do not put out one reading after another in assembly-line fashion. Your reading will be given my complete time and attention, both through my knowledge of astrology and my intuition. When I’m doing your reading I am totally with you.

Remember, your karmic journey is different from anyone else’s, unique unto itself.

Payment is accepted by either check or Paypal.

Please make checks payable to Joan Kilgen. See the contact page for mailing address.