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Karma and Your Sun Sign

A wonderful way to use astrology to understand the ups and downs of life …

Karma and Your Sun Sign is designed to be appreciated by everyone – those who have a casual interest in astrology as well as professionals. It is a teaching book about karma as it relates to our sun signs. Our sun sign tell us about specific lessons our souls have chosen. This book teaches the basic karmic lessons of each sun sign with special attention to male, female and children born under each sign. Therefore, it is a help to men, women, mates, partners and parents.

I have used examples of case studies based on an accumulation of experiences of family, friends and clients. Karma doesn’t always have to be serious. You will find humor and levity within some of the vignettes and the caricatures so aptly drawn by Laura Glasberg. Most readers find themselves described perfectly in their sun sign chapter. But I’ve also had readers say they found their chapter to almost fit them but the chapters on their husbands, wives, children, parents were precisely accurate. Aren’t we an interesting species?

Karma and Your Sun Sign is a great easy-to-read reference book to have in your library and makes a perfect gift for holidays and birthdays.

Signed by Joan Kilgen.

Price: $15.95 plus $2.00 shipping

Please contact Joan for availability.