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Compatibility Reading

Compatibility Reading

Ever wonder why you seem to always date the same type or why your boss keeps giving you the worse jobs? What is it about this particular guy you’re dating that makes you love him so much?

Your chart can be compared to the chart of your spouse, partner, lover, child, boss or anyone important in your life. This reading will show you the areas of strengths, conflicts and karmic connections between the two of you. This is an excellent way to learn more about a relationship without the bias of your emotional involvement.

There are no coincidences why you have certain individuals around you, from your spouse to your children to your boss or your coworkers or even the person standing in line with you at the supermarket. When not in life form on Earth, our souls return to their initial energy source where they once again reunite with their spiritual family. Some see it as heaven, others as distant planets.

I visualize it as a Fourth of July sparkler. The sparkler is the “home” to a community of souls and the sparks flying away from the flame are souls who are returning to Earth. When we leave our bodily form, our souls return to our “sparkler” where we reunite with the souls with whom we have journeyed on Earth. These people are our soulmates.

Most people think of a soulmate as the perfect love of their life. I believe sometimes the people who hurt you the most are also your soulmates, souls from your original spiritual home. It is because you love each other that another soul may come to Earth with you in order to help you with some difficult karmic lessons. These souls may actually be the ones hurting you.

When you meet someone and like them right away, this is someone from your spiritual family, your sparkler. It could be your boss, parent, child, friend or even someone you eventually have difficulty with. Were you ever introduced to someone and thought to yourself, “That’s not his or her name!” or “That name doesn’t fit!”? Perhaps you have known this soul in different circumstances in another life and they had a different name.

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