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Spiritual Reading

Spiritual Reading

A person’s spiritual energy continues on its journey after the body has ceased to exist on our physical plane…

This energy often seeks a channel to get messages to loved ones. I invite these spirits to use me as a conduit to transfer these messages (recorded on CD).

Our astrological charts do not end when we pass over. A person’s natal chart continues to transmit signals of the soul’s progress.Required: The person’s birth data: date, time (if possible) and place of birth and the date of passing.

I never know when the spirit will come to me or for how long. Some have stayed for 15 minutes others for days. I sit at my desk with my microphone and their chart in front of me and record their messages for you. If they come to me in my dreams, I will share those dreams with you. I’m always in awe during a spiritual reading. There is such a thin veil between our earthly world and spirit world.

Price: $75

How To Order
Please purchase the reading using the Paypal button. Clicking the button will add the reading to your cart, which will open in a new browser window or tab. Once your transaction is complete, close the Paypal window or tab and use the form below to submit the information for your reading.

If paying by check, please contact Joan.

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Spiritual Reading Form

Please complete the form below and submit it to Joan. A text box has been provided at the end of the form for any notes or questions you may want to include. If you prefer to email or speak to Joan first, please see the Contact page.

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